It is a center of physical and mental therapy that offers a totally exclusive technique to obtain the desired physical and emotional well-being, with the help of our experts and quality service.

We work from the four states of the divine consciousness treated in Buddhism:
• "The desire to make our patients happy"
• "To feel sorry for their suffering"
• "To rejoice in their well-being"
• "To consider ourselves on an equal footing with you"

Thai Massage is a millenary technique in which pressure and rhythm are essential. The manipulations performed in Thai massage are three:
• Pressure on acupuncture points
• Massage in the muscles
• Manipulation of the skeleton

They have different tasks, such as: relieving tension, recovering mobility and joint range, reducing stress, stimulating circulation and the nervous system, conferring peace and tranquility.

Weston Suites & Hotel | Staff Aranya Onthonglang and Aree Suwanit


To provide an unforgettable experience and make them feel comfortable and satisfied both in mind and body, we have highly qualified staff. The techniques taught in "Thai Massage" are executed to provide comfort, return the energy and peace sought.

Weston Suites & Hotel | Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

US$50* - 60 min
US$70* - 90 min
US$90* - 120 min

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You can enjoy a traditional Thai Massage.
The service is 60 min or more.

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Weston Suites & Hotel | Aroma Thai Massage

Aroma Thai Massage

US$70* - 60 min
US$90* - 90 min
US$110* - 120 min

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A very special traditional Thai Massage with aromatherapy.
The service is 60 min or more.

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Weston Suites & Hotel | Stone Thai Massage

Stone Thai Massage

US$50* - 60 min
US$70* - 90 min

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Accompanies the traditional Thai massage with the technique of Stone Massage.
The service is 60 min or more.

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